Every day we listen to music. From bird’s singing to train’s noise, Everything is a tune. The world is full of music. Music acts on the physiological response. Music is something that represents the words and inner feelings of one when the words fail to express.

Music's effects on our lives

Music has profound effects on our body and life as well. By the release of dopamine, it enhances productivity and changes our mood. Different types of music affect differently on our life. According to science, Music talks directly to our brain. It affects our soul.

But how does it do it?

Music is made of frequencies. Our brain can catch these waves and work as per the order. When we listen to music, Brain releases dopamine, a kind of hormone.

Dopamine can perform lots of work inside a human body such as powering up organs by pouring oxygen in the blood. It can even change our Mood.

what part of the brain does music affect?

  1. Motor cortex gets affected by foot taping dancing and playing an instrument
  2. Sensory cortex gets affected by tactile feedback from playing an instrument
  3. auditory cortex analysis the perception and analysis of tones. It gets affected when we first listen to the music.
  4. Cerebellum gets affected by Movement such as foot tapping dancing and playing an instrument. It involves emotional relations with music as well.
  5. Visual cortex reads music
A well explained video on why music is powerful

The effects of music on our life –

1. By releasing dopamine, music makes us happier. Dopamine, The neurological transmitter, can change the mood since it controls our excitement, joy and sadness.

A pet scan survey proved that listening sad and happy songs drive us to an emotional state

2. Music enhances productivity by creating ‘ alarm ‘ in our body. The ‘alarm’ approaches dopamine, and then dopamine sends signals to other parts of the body. That is how our organs get power up, and we feel energetic.

Some people listen to music to improve their imagination power. It is proved that music increases intelligence.

3. A scientific study proved that Musics lower down depression level. It was after world war two when us doctors used music as a therapy to make people out of panics. Mainly melodious songs work best in this type of case.

In psychological terms, it takes you to a parallel world which gives you enormous calm and relaxation. A person who stays engaged in songs may not likely suffer depression.

4. Melodious music,mainly slow and low pitched songs, work best in approaching sleep. Mothers used music to communicate with their infants. Even to make a child sleep. It works like a charm. Bedtime listening is highly preferred for those who are struggling with deprivation of sleep. However, all songs do not work well. Find out which songs work best for you – It can be anything jazz, pop or folk music.

5. Music improves brain power as it turned out that Music is hugely beneficial in originating meditation state. The majority of students who are too in adept to become concentrated should listen to meditative music. It helps you keep your mind, the waves, in one point.

6. Music gives you the opportunity to improve the imagination power. The thought is energy travelling as a vibration. With music, you can control and increase the power of imagination. It is now proved that music is powerful enough to develop continuous growth since it provides the field of watching yourself as a mirror.

Last but not least, Music can create a sense of spirituality. The great Lalon Fakir used musics to find the god that lies inside us.

Music is a language which he used to spread the message of religious, racial and caste discrimination-free society amongst ordinary people. The human being has always used music as a communion medium.

Music comes when we feel depressed, exhausted and heartbroken. It enables us to express our feeling.

The time when we feel hopeless, we should listen to motivational songs to push yourself ahead. It gives you the power of enduring obstacles mentally and physically. Music is the ever gift that teaches you the way to go through tough time.


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