Cell Structure and Function of Eukaryotic

Do plant cells have mitochondria?

Yes. Plant cells produce energy usually by photosynthesis in the daylight. At night, they use the respiration process to create energy. The production of energy requires ATP. While this process runs in the green cell, some sugars are made, and they break down this sugar to produce energy or generate ATP by using oxygen. This oxygen mainly comes from an organelle, mitochondria. If mitochondria stop working, then the plant will not be able to make energy from food which in the lead may cause in weak and even death.

mitochondria inside plant cell

How are breathing and cellular respiration is different?

Breathing means exchanging Carbon dia oxide and Oxygen from the atmosphere whereas cellular respiration is mainly about producing ATP and energy. Breathing happens only in the lungs, but cellular respiration takes place in living cells. Breathing deals with taking in oxygen whereas cellular respiration is breaking down oxygen and producing energy.


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