We tend to take our life for granted and think that the survival of living beings on earth depends exclusively on the ability of fresh air, food, and drinking water.

We live comfortably in the biosphere where life thrives. For being lived comfortably, we often assume that everything is OK!

Our life is not only formed with the body parts. It eventually contains thousands of surroundings and daily circumstances we live. While going from home to office, we notice thousands of lousy breeding, caused by ordinary people. And yes, These are the problems that need to be solved! Everyday problems that need a quick solving.

For the reason of being familiar with these bad breeding, we the ordinary people either avoid or don’t step forward to protest. Human being is still in its infancy in the field of making the world a fresh place.

,Our existence not only depends on the atmosphere but also on our daily commitments. Every day millions of people, traveller unknowingly contaminate the creation of God.

Some even consciously attempt and think to themselves, ‘who is going to protest me?’ Such acts create problem for others. This chain of problems systematically makes life more hard to live. Scientifically it affects human lives, ecology and often pollute the artistic creation and banish the sense of art. Besides, such facts my practically lead us to death.

The fact you are reading the article is an indication that you earnestly want the human kind to empty out common breedings since, you are going your precious time behind this articles, so it is essential to spread this little massages amongst your friends and acquaintances . share it!

 Our little karmas when accumulate as a significant number, it starts playing with the environment, and such accumulation becomes hard to handle.

For instance, Throughout the years, a huge crowd of travelers forth to Goa beach and leave a massive amount of garbages in the sea. Apart from that, this garbage pollutes sea water, reduce the quantity of O2 in the water, yet sea fishes eat Trash products and die. 

Such in the things that estrang us from a beautiful environment and break the food chain. 

However, ordinary people from around the world perform thousands of mistakes every day which in lead make our life more hard to live. Let’s examine 6 common problems that are actually making our life worse and in some cases giving us the warning of death.

list of problems that need solving

1. Smoking –

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Smoking is the biggest curse in our history. Nowadays, in every street you can find minimum one smoker. Maybe you are the one? Research has proven that if the usage of tobacco can’t be decreased then 1.5 billion people die over the next two decades. In short, smoking is a common problem.

A vast majority of people are still unaware of it. Even this common problem may cause severe cardiovascular and respiratory disease(including lungs cancer).

Talking about some poorer countries, A vast majority of people spend almost 30% of income behind smoking.

What can be done to decrease tobacco problems?

  • The government must put a restriction on tobacco buying.
  • Ordinary people need to be more aware of it, and thus they must go through some psychological practice to get out of this addiction.

2. Keep your child away from gadgets:

Several articles are out on the topic gadget as a bane. It is proven that gadgets creat psychological problems.

 ‘Do you let your child use gadgets.
     such as mobile?’

with that growing use of technology, it’s different to keep kids away from mobile.

Kids using mobile phone that can affect on their concentration power!
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Why is gadgets harmful to kids?

  • Gadgets like mobile can hurt eyelids as it generates radiation.
  • Children get hooked with gadgets and changes such as rudeness start coming in their behaviour.
  • Because of the lack of imagination and creativity, children are often misleaded with adult information enough as the internet is full of junk.

How can it be restrained?

  • Keep your phone lock and curb screen time. Use apps to set timing schedules. (Timer )
  • Permit your kids to play outside.
  • Tell your kids the pros and cons of mobile handling in a way it is comprehensive to them.

3. Stop spitting here and there –

In the 20th century when buildings, monuments are being built up, artists are decorating the city, a vast majority of people unconsciously spitting at this creation, making this fielty at most.

Don't spit Here ! Paan spitting is a serious problem that needs an early solution .
Don’t spit Here and There!
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This problem can hugely be screen in India where commoners are not only banishing the piece of creation but also becoming the reason of suppressing country’s pride.

How paan spitting affects on our life? 

  • Only betel-juice make your dream wall not only dirty but also simultaneously cut off our sense of beauty. 
  • Consequently this affect on our aesthetic sense. Travellers remain ignorant to the glory of our past sculpture and architecture. 

According to Nandalal Bose,

“This lack of aestheric sense has not deprived the present course of our lives of beauty, it has also estranged us from our past heritage.”

What’s steps can be taken to avoid betel-juice problems? 

  • Strictness of police and rules.
  • Posters on betel-juice and its effects should be attached in every streets, and lane. If posters do not seem working then the authority can take necessary steps such as fine or jail. In moral, an effort should be made. 


4. Stop that gaze –

Women often make accusations like having an unwanted eye contact at work and street to a large number of man community. The time it gets filled with utmost aggressive and reforms it selves into a scanning machis Then gazing becomes a sin. Some other men feel staring at girls are a birthright. The impact of this problem not only makes the woman uncomfortable but also makes the lower down the value of man’s character to the woman.

stop gazing at girls

stop gazing at girls
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The fact staring at people with bad gaze got more support when ‘MeToo’ movement rushed in. Such things must be stopped, no wonder, if women start protesting. The only remedy for this problem is woman empowerment. It is very unfortunate that generation has changed our way of living but not our bad habits.

5. Business in the name of God –

According to psychology, God is a belief that strengthens people’s will-power and helps to invade obstacles. God lies in everybody. Relying on this world religion took place on the ground of human community.

Business in the name god is a huge Problem in the field of religion
Wisely Identify Fake monk

It is hoped, God or the hidden cosmic power that strengthen owned the most top place in this universe. Religion is a part of that.

But it makes us worry when some so-called godmen who are incapable enough to help people spiritually start business in the name of God and religion. Such acts consequently lower the importance of religion and at the same time fields of religion get defiled.

In short, wearing some spiritual dresses, uttering ancient mantras, hymns ritually is not an indication of a real monk.

How can one identify fake monk ?

  • People need to wisely identify such type of impostors by paper justification and stay away from such feigned priests.

6. Problems on the road –

Driving the car with incredible speed and, overtaking bus has made the roads more difficult to go across. Just as smoking cause death, fast driving, overtaking buses can snatch away one’s life. It gets more awful when the roads are notoriously chaotic. Not only that people are often found continuous honking to force people to get away and going through the narrow path just to save the time. The best is when road heroes drive at high speed. There is no prominent solution to it.

problems for pedestrians like speed Rush driving can take away life
problems for pedestrians like speed driving

The only solution lies in the pedestrians and drivers. That is awareness. When people can relate such evil facts with their life. They will become more aware and conscious. The more they will be warned, the more the problem can be solved.

How to reduce roads accidents ?

  • Events should be held in order to make people aware of it. Tell people not to navigate themselves through as it can approach death.

The final message –

If we the people of the earth don’t rehab ourselves earlier, such problems will continue growing up. Above facts are only a few of them. In reality, men create thousands of problem every day which in result give us cities like Delhi to countless numbers of smoker. We are very small in comparison with the vastness of the universe, so it’s possible to change the world at a glance. But if every commoner awakes up with the awareness and can relate it in the way we feel, then we can expect a massive change by the next two decades. However, this revolutionary process should be started from the family. Students can organize events and make people aware of such disorders. By sticking posters in the classroom or on the road walls, teachers can enlight students human being.Those all global problems seek a permanent solution and remember These all are the critical Problems That Need To be Solved


Chayan is a student who is now focusing on his career, besides serving most of his days behind writing articles on this website. He is very much passionate about writing creative contents. He writes for the sake of writing!

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