There is an old saying – Music is as powerful as any medicine. Many people say music elevates creativity whereas music helps us to develop our concentration power. Study music, especially alpha waves, help us to develop creativity and concentration.

Our brain catches music as a frequency and works as per order. Every sound in the world is formed of frequencies. We also call it music waves. Interestingly it is a type of energy which gives our brain guidance in a various way.

Studies proved that Music and Brain psychologically talk to each other. Music waves directly send alerts to our brain.

In response Brain releases dopamine. This neurological hormone can do lots of work. For instance: It can develop our creativity by accumulating all thoughts together. Not only that, but It can also power up yourself. Music has a profound effect on our brain.

The effects of music on our study –

A vast of majority of students want to study consciously. Sadly most of them cannot continue their study consistently. The reason behind it is the power of concentration. They get diverted and end up with no result.

Now the question that comes is why students get diverted when they study ?

Nowadays the common reason is social media, WhatsApp and so on. However, is this the actual problem? No! Many students out there use this platform and at the same time keep balance in their study.

Even, Outside tension such as hanging around with friends or playing outside distruct us while we study.

Great students get success because of true intention and will power. Yes, it is right. But scientifically these will power comes from the brain and so hormone.

So, you need first to understand how brain works and music increase its power. Another valuable thing is the concentration that helps us understanding the topic deeply while we study.

The great swami Vivekananda said concentration is power and Study requires concentration . To become concentrated listen study music .

How one can become concentrated?

concentration means gathering your mind altogether. Our mind produces frequencies. These frequencies are too challenging to keep unitedly. However, with Alva waves, 8 to 12 Hz sound, improve our concentration power. It would be too beneficial for our brain as well.

which type of music is suitable for study?

There are many types of music for example – folk, jazz, pop or so on. Not all of them work well for study and concentration. Music between 5000 to 8000 Hz works best for the brain. For better result Try classical music.

There is growing evidence that suggests Music gives a great pleasure to our brain by adding ambience. It helps not to get distracted when noise creates disturbances.

Music is scientifically useful stuff to make your mind focused on one point. Before study listen to music minimum once a time, closing your eyes. Feel the music and forget what is happening around you . Give all your attention to the study and become concentrated.

Alfa waves, A type of electromagnetic wave, is very relaxing for the brain. This is also called brain wave. An MRI study proved because of Alfa waves our brain fall into a comfortable state. So, Before study or when we feel unconcentrated listen to alfa waves for a useful result.

Memory Music to Improve concentration

Before you start studying, ask yourself ” am I conscious ? can I finish the whole chapter today without getting distracted ?” If the answer is no, Listen to this super effective study music. Close your eyes and keep listening until you feel concentrated

Spiritual Meditative study music

Yoga, A devotional exercise, can provide you health. At the same time. It makes your mind quiet and calm. Composed in India, This flute meditation music is also very effective in making your mind concentrated before the study.

It is also believed that Devi Durga created this song to calm Lord Shiva. Hindu believes that this song has a very effective influence upon the whole of humankind.

Native American Music to become focused

This native American song is also an example of meditative music from the Hinduism. This song especially gives you an energy that revives your brain power. This spiritual song will surely leave an impression on your mind. Listening to it before study will also prepare yourself for study with full of mind.

Soft piano study music

Recharge yourself before study using this song. Alpha waves are generally between 5 to 8 Hz. Since all biological systems operate in the same frequency range, Our brain catches it too fast and invariably it becomes calm and quiet. Alpha music is too effective to get control over your brain.

Alpha waves study music

One of the ideal instrumental music that gives you rejoice, calm and concentration power. Maintaining the alertness, It also gives you super vibe through out your study hour. If you are seeking mediative music to heal yourself, then this is best one so far.


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