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Why abortion is morally wrong – The abortion controversy

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“Is abortion wrong ?” – Abortion legality is a very controversial issue in all parts of the world since it deals with mother’s life and fetus. Some people say One has no right to kill the fetus because It is god gifted. It is morally wrong to kill. Besides, It is a human being and killing a human being is murder .On the other side, A vast majority of people say Since the mother will be carrying out the pregnancy operation, Therefore she has right to take a right or wrong action.

In a survey of 100 people, the number of Abortion supporters was found only 58 whereas 37 completely disagreed it by saying that Nobody has the license to kill anybody whether it is a human or fetus. Rest of the people did not talk on this subject. We below showed a conception of right and wrong .

info graphs on abortion - why abortion is wrong ?

1. no right to kill the fetus .
2. killing fetus is against god rules. and so on .

why do mean choose abortion  ? 

1.  financial problem and no control over birth 

2. inadequate preparation .

Why is abortion wrong?

  1. Abortion is direct killing
  2. One majority of people say killing a fetus is murder, no matter whether it is born or not. It is a fetus, so it has an identity.
  3. Right to life – Every person has the right to live a life. None can take it away from her. Similarly, When a lady becomes pregnant, the fetus ought to be treated as a life that’s already existing within her.

Bible already mentioned Every living being including fetus has right to live by. It is one the main reason of why abortion is wrong .

Diagram of Abortion !
Diagram of Abortion

What is the side effect of abortion ?

  • Depression – abortion may practically relevant to women suffering from severe depression. Most of them feel guilty, and hence this psychological problem occurs. To them, It gets too difficult to overcome it. Gradually, Most of them ended up being Sad and downhearted. Several negative feelings start coming up like anger, shame and especially relationship problems.
    Some of them think to commit suicide. Though, This feeling of depression tends to fall into a state of quiet as time passes by.

The National Suicide Prevention Lifeline helps to prevent suicide. Here is the Number – 1-800-273-8255. They also offer chat consultation.

  • Life Risk – Abortion can in result cause many health problems. Side effects of abortion are Foul-smelling discharge, Fever above 100.4 F.There is a possibility of Bleeding that is heavier than an average menstrual period. Sometimes It also leads to death. Don’t take anti-abortion pills without a doctor’s consultation.

Nowadays many inefficient doctors do abortion operation illegally. This inefficiency also may result in death.

Scientific view on abortion –

According to American College of Pediatricians, human life begins at conception. At then, It is an individuated zygotic living human.The stage after the fuse of sperm and egg is called embryo, and the one-celled embryo is called a zygote. They more added that the difference between a zygote and a matured human is none but form. They are different in form but not in nature which proves that killing a fetus and killing a 30-year-old is same. Abortion is immoral It is murder .

The development of brain of a fetus . Killing a fetus is wrong when the brain forms inside .

A brain of the fetus starts developing in the second semester. Though there is no static answer of whether a fetus can feel pain or not, doing abortion in the second trimester is wholly prohibited. In Germany, It is allowed to abort a fetus in the first three months of pregnancy.For many women, This rule has been an advantage since they have no control over the birth and they too often do abortion saying, “oops! I am pregnant! Time for an abortion”. They know abortion is wrong, but They never feel a sense of pain doing it.

Religious reasons why abortion is wrong –

  • Buddhism – For Buddhism Life has no end.It keeps on going, changes slowly over time. Moreover, Birth and death are like two doors, or you may say it two ” stare point.” For Buddhism Abortion reduces the chances of the fact that the fetus will be born again.
  • Hinduism – Like Buddhism, Hinduism also opposes abortion. It believes in recognition. They believe in afterlife. They think Abortion may resist the process of reborn. Thus, Abortion is incorrect in their view except to save the life of the mother. In Vedus, It is clearly said That killing mother and fetus is equated to the worst crime.
  • Church – Talking about Christianism , Catholics do not support Abortion. They say that Bible is against killing Human being. So, Fetus is a human and It must not be killed. There are other Catholics who support abortion as they believe every woman has the right to take their decisions. If They want it badly, They can select it. Nothing is wrong with that.

According to geocentric ideology , Every human has a specific job which is prefixed for him. Abortion resists that rule by killing the child.

Why women choose abortion?

There are several causes –

  1. Financial problem -Few couples take abortion thinking the financial condition and demands of raising a child. They think abortion can solve all their issue. So They go for it.
  2. Inadequate preparation – Because of inadequate preparation, A vast majority of women choose abortion. They think Handling jobs or work and baby is too hard. They keep asking themselves, ‘am I ready for all of that? ” There a mental conflict work. Also, most of them end up doing abortion. However, in some cases later there remains a chance of suffering health problems. Even Legal step can be taken against them as most of the country law disapproved abortion.
  3. Expanding the family – some women who already have babies do not want to take another child. Thus, They choose abortion.
    In 2013   185,331 abortions in total took place in England and Wales.

There are a group of people, pro-choicers who think that abortion should be legal.They say “when the mother is incapable enough to bring up the child then what is the point of giving him/her birth “

When is abortion right?

  1. If Mother’s life is in danger while undergoing pregnancy operation.
Abortion is bad . It should be stopped !

What is the solution for abortion?

  • Adoption

We often forget that there is a solution to abortion. That is adoption.When there are people who are destroying the child, Then there are others who want to adopt the child. pro lifer always supported adoption .

Couples with financial problem can go for adoption in order to avoid ” direct killing ” accusation. If there is a thing like abortion, then there is also a substitute for it. That is adoption.

The Final Message – If we let abortion going on then invariably the rate of abortion will grow up. More fetus will die.Abortion takes innocent lives . Because of Abortion, Mother may go through highly side effects. Therefore, people who are inefficient enough at bringing up the child because of financial problems or any other can choose adoption instead of abortion.

Even women who fell in physical relationship unexpectedly should choose Adoption. This happens mostly because of failed contraception. Many couple or charitable societies are there, finding such children.

In defence of abortion, St. Mother Teresa lamented that Abortion is the biggest threat to human society.She said the god carved the child in his hand. What strikes her most is when mother destroys the child, The beginning of the sentence.

‘”And today the greatest means – the greatest destroyer of peace is abortion. “

-From the Nobel Lecture by Mother Teresa

Mother Teresa tried to make every child born. She tried to fight abortion by Adoption.

Did she make it possible?

Well, Not at all. For one woman It is utterly impossible. She even regretted that. She continued to make every single unborn child wanted with the blessings of God.

She said the only thing that can wipe out the abortion entirely is ‘ love.’ The love for each other, The love between mother and child. Financial condition is just an excuse.

According to Mother Teresa, ” The joy of sharing ” is the only remedy. She observed it very carefully when she visited a poor Muslim family In India.

Every Mother should sacrifice their choices and get out of their comfort zone to make their child happy. This problem needs to be solved as soon as possible

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